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What is The Thrive Programme?

The Thrive Programme is a life-changing, evidence-based training programme that empowers you with the skills, insights and resources in order to take control of your life, overcome any symptoms or problems you have, and thrive!

Life-changing? Absolutely!

The Thrive Programme delivers a totally fresh approach to achieving lasting happiness, health and success.

No matter who you are, where you are from or what your past is, everyone has the ability to realise potential and live life to the fullest. Anxiety, low confidence and underachieving will become a thing of the past, permanently replaced with a desire and capability to thrive.

The Thrive Programme is a unique and an incredibly effective multi-session ‘training course’ to help you to see things in a radically different way. Thrive helps you build confidence and self-esteem. You will gain the self knowledge, the tools and the confidence to overcome the underlying limiting beliefs contributing to your problems. The Programme sheds light and gives insight into your habitual thinking styles, your emotions and your personality. You learn to be in charge of your own life. Thrive has been tremendously successful in helping people to overcome a huge range of problems from unhelpful thoughts and habits to situations you find difficult as well as persistent symptoms.

Rob Kelly’s Thrive is a training programme that teaches people how to overcome their problems, symptoms, health-issues and other hurdles in their lives, by managing their thoughts, beliefs, emotions and thinking styles effectively.

The Thrive Programme is a six-part training programme, that you can either do at home by yourself with the ‘Thrive’ book, face to face with one of the Thrive Consultants.

Everything in the programme is fully backed up by clinical experience and research.

Basically, the training involves you really getting to understand:

  • What makes you ‘tick’: what personality type you are, what specific ‘thinking styles’ you adopt, what – if any – limiting beliefs you may have
  • How much power you have to make changes in your life: how much ‘self-efficacy’ do you have, how much belief do you have in you own skills and resources, how internal is your locus of control
  • How the way you think, feel and react to situations has a profound effect upon how you experience life
  • How superstitions, magical, and fate, luck and chance type beliefs effect your life
  • How your psychological foundations decide how you are going to lead your life
  • How YOU create anxiety, stress, fears and phobias – and how to get rid of them
  • How your emotions and your thinking effect your immune system, and your ability to stay healthy
  • How your desire for control means you avoid many situations in life, and actually create more anxiety
  • How your self-esteem can be changed in just two weeks, and the huge knock-on effect this will have
  • A true understanding of just how our mind and bodies interact to produce symptoms, and how we can change them
  • How different this programme is to any other, and why this one works while others fail
  • How you can overcome just about any situation in life, and Thrive.

Daisy gave a presentation at the 2016 Thrive Programme Conference, about all the therapies, treatments and interventions she received from the NHS – most of them were rubbish and none of them helped. Instead she decided to cure herself of her problems – with The Thrive Programme.

Research shows that most – if not all – illnesses, anxieties, depressive disorders, habits, phobias, fears, immune system issues etc have a cognitive (or thinking) component to them. That is to say that the severity of the distress caused by the illness or symptom, the depth of anguish and pain or discomfort experienced by the sufferer, and even the actual illness or symptom itself, may be caused, prolonged or made worse by the way the sufferer thinks and feels about it.

Research also shows us that people will only invest their energy, time and commitment to achieving a goal – any goal – once they BELIEVE that their efforts will be successful.

Rob Kelly’s” Thrive programme is a process that allows a person – through guided self-awareness exercises – to understand that they CAN overcome their problems, symptoms, health-issues and other hurdles, by recognising how their own thoughts and beliefs were either causing or contributing to the problems in the first place.

Once the person can clearly identify that their problems are caused (or contributed-to) by them not managing their thinking very well, and they are shown some simple, understandable and predictable techniques that they can use to change their limiting beliefs, they will put in massive and determined effort to achieve their goals because they believe they will be successful.

Check out some video testimonials: Video testimonials

The Programme has been developed by Rob Kelly.