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The Edinburgh Emetophobia Seminar will take place on Saturday, 6th June at the Links Hotel, Edinburgh. EH9 1DU

This course is ideal for anyone suffering from emetophobia, or people closely related (i.e. parent, partner) to a sufferer.

This exciting course will give you a complete overview of how you can ‘Cure your Emetophobia and Thrive’, and presented by Andrew Farquharson, Thrive Programme Consultant and Trainer for Scotland and beyond. Andrew’s engaging, enthusiastic and knowledgeable approach will leave you feeling empowered and capable, with an in-depth understanding of how you can overcome emetophobia. The day will include lectures, interactive questionnaires and insider knowledge on how to get maximum benefit from The Thrive Programme. The course includes a significant amount of information and insights that are not found in the main ‘Cure your emetophobia and Thrive’ book. Find out more and register Click here.