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Mary’s story: Daily Mail (10-06-15)

The woman terrified of vomit: Teacher refuses to have children and even shuns chemotherapy due to fear of being sick
Mary Steward, 81, suffered from emetophobia – fear sick or being sick
Limited her diet so that she didn’t eat foods that could make her vomit
Quit her job as a teacher in case the children caught stomach bugs
Was cured by therapy that helps people control their thoughts

A teacher was so terrified of being sick that she chose not to have children and refused chemotherapy – for fear it would make her vomit.
Mary Steward, 81, had such extreme emetophobia – fear sick or being sick – she deprived herself of the opportunity of motherhood – a choice she now regrets.
She also turned down chemotherapy after being diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 1981, but thankfully still beat the disease.
Mrs Steward even quit her job as a teacher because she was so worried that the children could be sick near her at any moment.

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Mary cured her emetophobia using the Thrive Programme. You have read her story in today’s Daily Mail (10-06-15). Now see her video here