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My client Rebecca talks about how she cured herself of emetophobia, after trying everything, with the Thrive Programme.

┬áLike many of you reading this, I read the testimonials of those who had been through the Thrive programme for Emetophobia and couldn’t help but be impressed with the apparently positive results. Yeah, yeah, thought I, ┬ábut I’ve had emetophobia for 50 years and if CBT and hypnotherapy haven’t worked, how is this going to? However, nothing ventured, nothing gained. So I signed up to the programme with a Thrive consultant. As others say, you have to put in the work. It’s not difficult, although you will of course need to challenge your deeply held beliefs and limiting thought patterns. This is interesting as it threw me into a bit of an existential crisis – who am I, if not a manifestation of this set of beliefs and patterns of thought and behaviour I have held for the past 50 years of my life? It unlocks the mind and therefore a new way of thinking and being, so like peeling away layers of an onion, a different manifestation of thoughts and behaviour emerges. It’s curious and exciting.

If, like me, you have tried cognitive behavioural therapy, you will wonder how the Thrive programme differs from this. As far I can understand and have experienced, CBT enabled me to identify and recognise my thinking styles – black and white thinking, catastrophising, etc, but then what? Thrive is about developing the wherewithal to replace the thinking style, with a more positive and helpful way of thinking. It’s a toolkit for the mind. The exercises as part of the programme are designed to help you identify, change and reinforce your new, positive and helpful ways of thinking.

So, how has this all worked for me? I have recently finished the book and my meetings with the consultant. During the programme, I felt the shift. It is true to say that the debilitating levels of fear and anxiety around the emetophobia have reduced considerably. I have challenged myself to do things which would previously have been a complete non starter. I have noticed the impact on other areas of my life – I’m much more relaxed about work situations that would have caused me stress and anxiety, leading to nausea and even more anxiety.

I do feel I have a new lease of life. Now that the programme is over, I do have the occasional concern in the background that it might all return, but if that’s the case, it will be my choice and I know that I have everything I need to get me back on track, thanks to Thrive.

If you are thinking about this programme, just do it. What price a release from crippling fear and a life half lived? I wish I had discovered it years ago, but better late than never. Here’s to the power of the mind!

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