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Date:20/07/2017 (09:30 – 16:30)

This one-day course will help you develop your emotional intelligence (EI) skills and enhance leadership skills for every member of staff or an individual, allowing them to therefore be more productive and profitable.

No matter what type of business you are in – part of a multinational or a sole trader or somewhere in between – and whether your business is highly automated, virtual, hardly ever meet people face to face or you are surrounded by people, clients and colleagues all day, to be highly successful and maximise your productivity research shows you need to have emotional intelligence.

The digital age is dramatically reshaping the rules for business success. The new context demands renewal of your capabilities and development of a different mindset.

The skills you gain from this course are transferable, they are not just for business but also they will enhance your personal life.

Course Outcomes:  
In this course, you’ll learn the different components of emotional intelligence at work. For example, you’ll learn how you can work effectively in teams, build cooperative relationships with your key stakeholders, exercise effective influence, handle difficult conversations, and create energy and enthusiasm to foster success.

It will help you to have a better understanding of how to make healthy choices based on the ability to identify, understand, and manage your own feelings and the feelings of others.

Really, it’s being able to understand what your emotional experience is, to be able to understand other people’s emotional experience – and then to be able to use that information to inform choices.

With EI you also be able to form positive relations with peers, bosses, senior leaders, people at all levels or your business and relevant others outside the organisation. When there is mutual trust, influence and credibility, organizational work becomes easier. (Harvard Business Review)

In this short advanced seminar, you will be taught how use emotional intelligence through presentations, discussion, fun and interactive activities.

This course will be delivered by Andrew Farquharson, who, after many years of working in education, runs his own consultancy delivering seminars, workshops on building business confidence, resilience and emotional intelligence.

Andrew has delivered training and seminars to many organisations, including Education Scotland, Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce, various local authorities and schools. Andrew has also delivered the Thrive Programme in, amongst other countries, Iceland, Norway, Finland and Mexico.

Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce
40 George Street

If you would like more information contact Andrew: andrew@thriveinscotland.co.uk

To register/book a place contact Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce.